I have seen this geranium growing and flowering all over Surrey in the last few weeks.  I knew it was a Cranesbill or, in posh terms, a geranium but hadn’t until now mustered the courage to give it a specific name.  This one is growing from the paving stone crack outside the swimming-pool at work and intrigues me over its identity every time I pass it.

I have chosen, from Wild Flowers of Britain, Hedgerow Cranesbill, also known as Mountain Cranesbill (God knows why, it doesn’t grow up mountains – more in hedgerows).  There are loads of Cranesbills in England which is why I wasn’t sure which one this was.  A quick Google of its tentative name though revealed almost identical pictures as mine; here and here, for example.  If it’s on the internet, it must be true.

I really like the plant’s bright green leaves, which are held like spinning plates on sticks.  If that isn’t showy enough, then its bright purple flowers will really draw your eye.  It’s looks will have to suffice for now because I can’t find any uses.  Miles says no geraniums are poisonous but he’s only eaten the roots of Cut-leaved Cranesbill (which has much more divided leaves) and he didn’t like them.  The latter has all kinds of medical uses too, but I’ll describe them when I describe the latter … one day.